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Candles with Jewelry

     KMS candles with jewelry make a wonderful gift.  They include a small "mystery" piece of sterling silver jewelry in each candle. These include everything from rings and bracelets, to earings and small necklaces. 


     Currently we carry 2 sizes of candles, 12oz, and 21oz. Both candles have the option for a piece of real jewelry to be placed inside for an additional fee. It could be earrings, a bracelet, necklace, ring, etc. All jewelry carries a retail value higher, and in most cases, MUCH higher than the additional fee. From time to time we will offer promotions where we include a piece of extremely high value jewelry.

Sample Jewelry


     We believe offering the option to add jewelry gives more flexibility to our customers. Sometimes you might want to give a nice gift at a more moderate price and this allows you to do so. Specific requests for jewelry will be accommodated whenever possible, but they are not guaranteed. If you request a certain birthstone to be included in your candle that can be done, but more processing time should be expected.


     We strive to find scents that are “true to life” our Fresh Cut Grass smells just like it sounds. It can be difficult to purchase a scent without being able to smell it, and we understand that. We run extensive quality control to ensure accurate scent description and performance.



*Note:  Pictured jewelry for reference only. Actual jewelry varies.


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